• Published WP 8.1 Projects

    Some time ago there was a Windows-Phone course at my University.
    There were basically two small (WP 8.1) projects to create. I decided to put them on GitHub because I thought maybe someone could need the sources / want to create something similar.
    Note that these two projects are final and there will be no updates or support.

  • XPrivacy in App Info updated

    The XPosed module XPrivacy in App Info was updated to version v1.1 today.


    • Gradle as build system
    • XPosed API updated to v54
    • App icon added


  • Cherry updated

    Today the Kimai Android app got updated, as it shares the code base with Cherry this was also updated. This results in version 1.1:

    • Material design
    • Updated images
    • Gradle build system
    • Refactoring of whole code base


  • Kimai TimeTracker updated

    Lately the Kimai Android app got some love, all changes were put into the today released version v1.11.

    • Material design
    • Updated images
    • Gradle build system
    • Refactoring of whole code base



  • Bitcoin revisited

    A recent discussion about bitcoin with some student colleagues made me interested in crypto-currency once again. It’s been a while since the last time I tried bitcoin, conversion rates went really high since then.

    So I decided to start with bitcoin again. The old wallet service where I stored my bits seems not to be active anymore. This time I...


  • F-Droid Repos

    A list of some F-Droid repositories including QR-code and repo link

  • Übersetzer gesucht - dandelion*

    In den letzten Tagen gab es viele Änderungen und neue Features bei der Android App dandelion* für das soziale Netzwerk diaspora*. Danke auch an den Kollegen vanitasvitae für seine Beiträge.

  • Großes MemeTastic Update

    Die MemeCreator Android-App MemeTastic wurde heute in der Version 0.8 veröffentlicht.
    Das große Update enthält alle zuletzt durchgeführten Änderungen:

    • Neues Design
    • Mehr Meme-Vorlagen
    • Erstellte Memes betrachten: Zoom-Gesten
    • Merken der letzten Meme-Kategorie
    • Start direkt in die Kategorie-Übersicht
    • Deutsche Übersetzungen angepasst
    • Meme-Editor: Eingabefelder mittig
    • Langer Klick auf Bild in Übersicht
      • zeigt Bild-Pfad
      • ermöglicht das Setzen als Favourit